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The ispeclean story began in 1994 when we formed as a small family-run carpet cleaning company to offer a professional service but with a friendly and personal approach. We wanted to understand our clients’ needs, however big or small, and make a cleaning service that truly worked for them and that they could rely upon for excellency and efficiency.

In developing our leading carpet cleaning service, we saw that our clients were also looking for other cleaning services that matched our high standards. This is when ispeclean saw the potential to establish a complete cleaning solutions provider, offering services to meet the key needs of commercial, industrial, factory and office environments.

Over 23 years later, ispeclean has grown to become Milton Keynes’s leading contract cleaning providers, employing over 60 staff to offer a complete range of services delivered with the care, knowledge, and experience that we have become renowned for.

We continue to always look and invest in the latest services and technologies to keep ispeclean at the forefront of contract cleaning.

A great example is the new ultrasonic deep-cleaning service we offer, a fantastic new technology we can utilise on a range of equipment including the cleaning of DPF filters found on diesel cars (please see our DPF cleaning page).

“We founded ispeclean to bring a professional, friendly and personal approach to the cleaning needs of clients looking for an affordable but effective service that they could rely upon.

It this dedication and hard work that has seen our family company grow into Milton Keynes’s leading contract cleaning providers. However big or small the requirement is, we always help our clients create the perfect cleaning schedule that will always meet and exceed their needs. It is this approach that has seen us create a renowned reputation for quality without compromise.

Our growth continues as we bring on new services and solutions to meet the changing needs of businesses with a strong team of over 60 professional cleanings on hand.

We see our clients more than just customers, they become part of our family and we welcome new clients looking for the complete and personal approach to contract cleaning”

Karen Wallis


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